Knowledge Representation (Rappresentazione della Conoscenza) 2013/2014

Dott. Ing. Laura Po

Academic Year 2013-2014

This site is dedicated to the Knowledge Representation Class of the "Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Informatica" Degree. The course will be teached in English. en flag

On this page students have access to all the information on purpose, program, adopted books, exam modalities and the syllabus (i.e. a detailed list of all the topics faced during the lessons).

For students interested in thesis in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Data Mining, see the web page on the available thesis or write an email to laura.po @

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Class timetable

II Academic Period (26.02.2014 - 06.06.2014)

Wednesday h. 10-13  room FA-0A (Lab Multimediale) [Engineering Department "Enzo Ferrari"]

Thursday h. 9-11  room FA-0A (Lab Multimediale) [Engineering Department "Enzo Ferrari"]

During the second academic period it is expected an interruption of lessons devoted to exams from 11.04.2014 to 16.04.2014.

Also an interruption of lessons is planned for 20.03.2014 during the Ingegneri@MO event.


Contact and Office hours

Dott. Ing. Laura Po

Office hours: Thurday h. 16-18 at professor office, Engineering Department "Enzo Ferrari", building B, first floor.
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Personal web site
Phone number: 059 205 6255
Skype username: laurapo80

Course Contents


The aim of the course is to provide the students a general overview of models and languages for knowledge representation and reasoning techniques developed in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Techniques for intelligent information integration and extraction, first order logic and description logics will be deeply treated. Concepts and languages of the Semantic Web and Data Mining techniques will be introduced.


Suggested Prerequisites: Database technology (Tecnologia delle Basi di Dati)

Detailed contents

  • Knowledge representation and Deductive Reasoning based on Description Logics

  • Fundamentals of Description Logic and Reasoning.

  • The OLCD Description Logic; knowledge representation and reasoning on databases: the ODB-TOOLS system.

  • Intelligent integration of Information and Ontologies. Definition of di Ontology. Languages and Tools to create ontologies: Protege, OWL.

  • Data Integration and interoperability: state of the art . The MOMIS system & the major commercial Information Integrator systems

  • Semantic Web: general concepts, languages and research trends.

  • Data Mining Techniques (the knowledge mining process, decision trees, association rules, clustering, analysis of case studies)

  • Representing Knowledge in an uncertain domain - elements on probabilistic systems and probabilistic reasoning techniques
  • Recommendation systems - Collaborative filtering, Content-based filtering, Hybrid Recommender Systems


DES (Datalog Educational System) an open-source Prolog-based implementation of a basic deductive database system.

ODB- Tools ODB-Tools an AI based tool for Object Oriented Databases design and querying.
MOMIS MOMIS an open source tool for data integration.
 en flagProtégé an Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition System


Exam modalities

The exam consists of a written examination and an optional oral/lab test.


Students need to subscribe to exam lists published on Esse3

Grade Registration
Students need to go to professor's office during the office hours or exam dates (for updated information see the NEWS section)


Slides and teaching materials

All the slides used by the teacher during the lessons will be available on DOLLY.

Subscription to the class:

Students are required to enroll in the class by using the DOLLY website.


  • Choose "login utente" authentication, type your LDAP credentials (e-mail account of the university)
  • Enroll in Knowledge Representation Class and enter the Registration Key to view the material
  • the Key Registration will be provided by the teacher in class or can be requested by sending e-mail.


Thesis for "Laboratorio di Ingegneria Informatica" class

For the class "Laboratorio di Ingegneria Informatica" or Knowledge Representation and Lab ("Rappresentazione della Conoscenza e Lab") it is possible to choose a project from the topics proposed by the teacher or define a new topic in agreement with the teacher:
Knowledge Representation projects AA2012-2013


Old Classes



  • Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig Artificial Intelligence, a Modern Approach, Prentice Hall, 3rd edition, 2010. link
  • Greg Restall, Logic: An Introduction, Routledge Publisher, December 14, 2005 link  pdf
  • F. Baader, D. Calvanese, D. McGuinness, D. Nardi, P.F. Patel-Schneider. The Description Logic Handbook: Theory, Implementation and Applications (2nd edition). Cambridge University Press, 2007. link


Usefull Links

  • Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) link
  • Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale link
  • “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" free online course provide by Standford University link
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