PhD.Ing. R. Carlos Nana Mbinkeu

Welcome, I am cameroonian, I arrived in italy in august 2000 afterward I started my study at the "Universit√° di Modena e Reggio Emilia", Faculty of Engineering in october 2000.
In 2005, I obtained my master's degree in Computer Engineering and my thesis's dissertation: Query Optimization in MOMIS.

Query processing and optimization in mediator systems (MOMIS) that access distributed non-proprietary sources pose many novel problems. Cost-based query optimization is hard because the mediator does not have access to source statistics information and furthermore it may not be easy to model the source's performance. At the same time, querying remote sources may be very expensive because of high connection overhead, long computation time, financial charges, and temporary unavailability. My thesis present new approach to optimize operation fusion and reduce cost of connection with local sources.

I'm a member of the DBGroup research group at the "Universit√° di Modena e Reggio Emilia" leaded by prof. Sonia Bergamaschi.

My Curriculum Vitae in English

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