Data Integration

MOMIS (Mediator EnvirOnment for Multiple Information Sources)  is a data integration system able to integrate and query data coming from heterogeneous data sources (structured and semi-structured) in a semi-automatic way, to bring out new information from apparently unrelated existing data.

The main innovative features  of MOMIS are:

  • Easy Querying of distributed legacy systems: existing systems should not be modified but simply inserted as a data source data integration
  • Virtual approach: no centralized copy of data is needed (as opposed to the data warehouse approach), to preserve the autonomy , security and privacy of the original data sources
  • Integration of heterogeneous geo-referenced data sources (databases, files , linked open data , etc.) to provide a global geo-referenced view of the original data sources
  • Rapid deployment of data integration projects by means of semi-automatic mapping definitions among data sources based on the semantics of the terms
  • Data Provenance, i.e., management of information about where data come from and how it is derived at the global level, to assess the quality and reliability of data.

An open source version of MOMIS is delivered and maintained by the academic UNIMORE spin-off DataRiver.

Ongoing Activities


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