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Project of "Take-up actions and support activities: IST-01-7-1B" European Commission Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme

An activity within the:
EUTIST-AMI cluster
Contract Number IST-2000-28221



University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Gruppo Formula
Alenia Spazio
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Wink Site
Review n.2:
(Barcelona 4-5 February 2003)


System Overview (ppt)
Agent System Architecture (ppt)


The objective of the WINK project is to validate a combination of two promising software platforms which will perform automated, efficient data collection and project management in complex smart organizations made up of physically and organizationally remote partners participating in large-scale projects. WINK will support project networks by integrating, adapting and implementing the technologies developed in the distinct WHALES and MIKS projects, focused respectively on project networks management and intelligent agents middleware. The WINK project will allow to install and test the software in a real business setting provided by the Italian leader space industry Alenia Spazio, focusing on procurement, co-design, project status and part availability in network of four partners spread across Europe, and apply a factual cost benefit analysis on the system experiment. Then, WINK will be one step from becoming a commercial product.

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